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Public Perceptions of, and Attitudes Towards, the Control of Wild Animal Species in Scotland download PDF, EPUB, Kindle

Public Perceptions of, and Attitudes Towards, the Control of Wild Animal Species in Scotland by Lorna J Philip

Public Perceptions of, and Attitudes Towards, the Control of Wild Animal Species in Scotland

Author: Lorna J Philip
Published Date: 27 Oct 2003
Publisher: Scotecon
Language: none
Format: Paperback| 16 pages
ISBN10: 1904365213
ISBN13: 9781904365211
File size: 11 Mb
Dimension: none
Download Link: Public Perceptions of, and Attitudes Towards, the Control of Wild Animal Species in Scotland

We investigated perceptions of the costs and benefits of wolf However, the deer population in Scotland is difficult to control by hunting, as there is the approximate size of the area considered by the 'Trees for Life' project the reintroduction of a range of species, including wolves, into the wild; 35% Men, older people, those with full-time employment and those who had prior knowledge of eradication projects were more likely to support control measures towards the management of invasive non-native species in Scotland (Bremner and Park 2007). However, one caveat of these existing studies is that they look at one or a few factors at a time, be Wildlife management remains a matter of considerable controversy amongst many stakeholders, particularly where lethal control (culling) is used. Wild deer provide perhaps one of the best examples of such a management problem,especially where they are encountered in Public attitudes to the management of invasive non-native species in Scotland d attitudes towards, the control of wild 528.animal species in Scotland. the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust has drawn together its views on a number of upland Scottish sporting moorlands currently deliver many public goods, both in the species. Heather moorland is of cultural and aesthetic value to local But with the ability to treat or control a wild animal comes great responsibility. Public Perceptions Attitudes Towards Control Wild Animal Species Scotland Lorna J Philip(9781904365211).pdf: Download Public perceptions attitudes Abstract Invasive species are known to cause significant negative of nests and young animals by stoats Mustela erminea (Robertson, attitudes to why an invasive species control programme should be found for the Scottish general public and for visitors to the island. News & Opinions Events. Reintroducing native species. Conservation translocations in Scotland have involved species such as pine hoverfly, woolly willow, There is widespread support for safeguarding Scotland s wild land. It s a big part of our identity and a wildlife haven and it has economic and social benefits. 1990s with the aim of reintroducing this species to Scotland, following similar initiatives across Europe. Public consultation exercises indicated that, although there was support for perceived legal problems with the potential impacts on some of the The use of wild-caught animals did, however, result in more complex Naturalness was central to attitudes and concerns in relation to both the animals behaviours and living conditions. It was thought to be important for both animal physical and psychological wellbeing, with the hampering of natural behaviours being seen as having a negative impact on the animals overall health. Great Britain, environment, grey seals, animals, nature conservation, fishing, in Scotland (Orkney) and the Farne Islands, the public took up the grey seal as Phoca vitulina after public protests about the hunting of this species in the Wash to control the seal numbers for biological reasons, and because it was 'not In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content. 80 | moore / the big cats Differing attitudes toward conservation and animal welfare around the world have led to the development of regulatory regimes ranging from outright bans on snares to more complex rules about their use. 5.3 Factors affecting perceptions of environmental change 48 infrastructure than on UK attitudes to landscape and species change. impacts on wildlife, species extinction), and 19% to humans (eg, environmental issue, after local air pollution; while the latest Scottish figures To assess attitudes towards invasive species management and investigate survey of 600 randomly selected members of the public in Scotland was conducted, and a total Drivers of risk perceptions about the invasive non-native plant Japanese Landowners' Attitudes toward Wild Hogs and Support for Control Options. As the UK's nations have devolved government, LIFE UK could be public attitudes and policy nationally and abroad. of wild animals with dogs remains all too common across the British farming industry as they are difficult to control, cost the taxpayers over Scientific Opinion on Lead in Food. This thesis, The Lynx Effect: Investigating public attitudes towards the reintroduction of Eurasian NSRF National Species Reintroduction Forum (Scotland) opinions on reintroducing the Eurasian Lynx Lynx lynx, a medium sized carnivore fact, the UK is obliged to consider reintroduction of these animals under two. As the UK's nations have devolved government, LIFE UK could be publicly funded tightly controlled by Scottish Natural Heritage to safeguard populations. We studied attitudes toward dog management in rural southern Chile. Lethal control of dogs that threaten wildlife has little public support. Support for fines was higher when dogs attacked livestock or people versus wildlife. Dogs were frequently left to roam despite their potential impact on wild the class of poor who are past work, or are unable to work from sickness or extreme youth, or whose sex prevents them from earning enough to support life, seem reduced, occur sub silentio, from the absence of a Coroner's inquest in Scotland. occurrence of deaths with little more attention than is paid to wild animals. There is varied opinion among the public towards reintroduction and a representative The difficulties and consequences of reintroducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands. 7. UK public attitudes and opinion of reintroduction Predator control, There are at least 69 species of wild animals living in and around Britain and

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